Adventuring Europe

Intro: Well…this post is just a little delayed but I still feel like it needs to be done. I’m just going to say now that I am so used to writing Business Letters I have a REALLY hard time not using dorky professional language (as such, subsequently, per, etc. etc.) but I will give it a valiant effort.

Trip Background: We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and decided to celebrate with a 3 week trip to Europe! We were super excited for this trip not only because it was a “European Dream Trip” but it was also our first big trip together AND Graeme’s first time on a plane!

Because we got married so young there was no money for a honeymoon so we did a “mini-moon” to Whistler and since then we just Weekend Warrior-ed it up and explore our beautiful province (other than a quick 6 day road trip to California in 2014).  We always had intentions of going on trips but when we would save up a trip fund something that fell in the “Adult Responsibilities/Priorities” column always came up so we had pretty much written off the European Vacation idea.

Long story short the Vancouver (and area) housing market sky rocketed, and in the transition between our Townhouse and House-House we managed to snake a little cash to make our dream trip a reality!

The Trip: 3 weeks (April 30-May 21, 2017) Vancouver, Canada > Paris, France > Nice, France > Rome, Italy > Florence, Italy > Venice, Italy > Munich, Germany > Prague, Czech Republic > Vancouver, Canada. Within that we had 8 Flights (Graeme’s is now a flight expert), and 2 High Speed Trains.

Goal: Since we were backpacking with no checked luggage for 3 weeks space was limited so we bought a GoPro and an iPhone 7Plus to document our trip. The goal was to make an edit for each city we visited (Paris, Nice, Rome, Florence, Venice, Munich, Prague).

Reality: Basically we would get swept away in all the amazing things we were seeing and as we were walking to our next location one of us would say “crap we forgot to GoPro that”. By the middle of our trip things were looking up and we were starting to remember to film (TONS of Florence & Venice footage) but then the GoPro stopped working so we only had my phone to film with and then Munich was amazing and all we wanted to do was drink beer and not be weighed down with filming…yea.

End Result: 1 Video, 12 minutes 36 seconds long. We’re really excited on how it turned out…every time we watch it we get nostalgic and YES we are planning our next trip back.

Hope you guys enjoy it!




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