Karamos Family Shoot…Attempt 1

We’re in the process of rebranding for 2019 and have significantly upgraded our equipment so we were super excited to have a free weekend to try out our new set ups.

This morning we woke up to torrential downpour but Katie & Kerry were cool enough to push the shoot back for the weather to clear up.

The weather cleared up and we pulled up to the location and all seemed good, there was barely anyone around! Conditions seemed perfect…SEEMED!

We started our walk down to the river where the main part of the shoot was supposed to happen when we suddenly got barraged by myriads and swarms of Mosquitoes. Before we could realize what was happening we were all covered in bites and high tailing it back to the cars and decided after everything we had all gone through the consensus was to head home, have a beer, lather on some After Bite and try for another day.

Here’s a quick edit of what we got on the way to the location:

– Graeme & Tricia


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