Meet Graeme &Tricia

Tricia, Graeme & Rusty

We are Graeme & Tricia, the husband & wife team that make up Grey House Visual. We’re based out of the beautiful Greater Vancouver area.

We love each other, our dog Rusty, Traveling together, Drinking Beers/coffee, and of course filming madly in love couples.

Graeme Collage

Graeme has been a hobbyist filmmaker since he was 9 years old. From “Borrowing” grandpa/dads cameras and making goofy home videos with his friends and siblings, to being heavily involved in skateboard films in his late teen years.

After Tricia bought a camera for our first anniversary, we had the opportunity to film a family members’ wedding where we fell in love with the process.

Tricia Collage

After hearing the feedback on our first wedding film and a quick camera basics crash course, Tricia became the designated second shooter, quickly mastering her camera skills and her eye for amazing moments.

We love meeting couples and hearing their love stories!

Send us a message so we can meet up at a Cozy Cafe or a Local Brewery (if you’re local) or arrange a Skype/Facetime meet up (if you’re not local) to talk about your wedding and vision for your wedding video!

– G & T

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